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Copper Pipe Alcohol Lamp 


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Copper Pipe Alcohol Lamp 

Written By: Daniel 



• Butane torch (1) 
or propane torch 

• Small Metal Lathed) 

• Solder (1) 

• Solder Flux (1) 

• Tap and die set (1) 

• Tube bender (1) 


Brass round stock (1) 
Straight copper pipe (1) 
Flexible copper tubing (1) 

• Rubber O-rinqM) 

Short lenqth of cotton strinq (1) 
that fits snualv inside 1/4" flexible 
copper tubina 

• Can of alcohol (1) 
or kerosene, for fuel 


The Pop- Pop Steamboat in MAKE Volume 28 calls for using small tea candles for the 
engine's heat source, but I found that it didn't work very well. So I decided to make this small 
alcohol-burning lamp instead, and it significantly improved its performance. 

In this project I will go over how to turn down two brass end-caps on a small lathe and then 
solder them onto a short length of copper pipe to make an alcohol-burning lamp to fuel your 
Pop-Pop boat. This project is for those who have basic skills with a lathe and metalworking. 
I will not go over dimensions, so you can come up with your own design. Have fun! 

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Copper Pipe Alcohol Lamp 

Step 1 — Copper Pipe Alcohol Lamp 

• Using the lathe, turn down the brass round stock to create two end caps that fit in snugly 
in the copper pipe. 

Step 2 

• One cap should have a 1/4" hole drilled through it for the copper tubing. The other cap will 
have a threaded hole for a brass threaded plug that you turn down. Make sure the threads 

• Put the O-ring on the brass plug. 

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Copper Pipe Alcohol Lamp 

Step 3 

• Use the torch to soften the copper. 

• Then use the pliers to bend it into the correct shape, being careful not to crush the pipe. 

• Test fit it under the pop-pop boat engine to make sure it fits. 

Step 4 


* V 

" t 

• Make sure to apply plenty of flux to the inside of the pipe, then solder the non-threaded cap 

• After that, solder the bent copper tubing into the cap, making sure not to get any solder 
inside the tubing. 

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Copper Pipe Alcohol Lamp 

Step 5 

• Next, solder the threaded cap onto the copper pipe. Don't forget the flux. 

• After that, clean up any holes or rough solder with the torch. 

Step 6 

• Cut a short length of cotton yarn and stuff it into the bent copper tubing. 

• I used a stiff metal wire to help get it all the way in. You want a little of the yarn 
sticking inside the copper tube; this will allow it to soak up the fuel. 

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Copper Pipe Alcohol Lamp 

Step 7 

• Use a wire wheel to roughly clean the burner. 

• After that, polish it up on the lathe with fine-grit sandpaper. 

Step 8 

• To run it, just fill it up with fuel, 
screw on the cap, and light the 
wick. That's it - you're done! 

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